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What monthly fees will appear on my bill?

If you are signed up to a Landline plan with a monthly fee, such as Leisure UK Talk or Total UK Talk, your bill will show this monthly fee. All monthly fees will be charged in advance. In most cases, your first bill will include two charges per service: one covering the period you have already used, and the other being the advance charge for the following month. As you are entitled to a cooling-off period, your first bill may not include any fees. In this case, these will appear on your second bill.

How much do calls cost?

Call costs for all landline call plans appear on the call rates page.

Are my calls billed by the second, or by the minute?

All call plans are billed by the minute, including:

  • TotalUKTalk
  • LeisureUKTalk
  • StandardUKTalk
  • TotalUKCalls
  • LeisureUKCalls
  • InternationalTalk (formerly Standard Plan)
  • Tell Your Friends
  • CallSaver
  • CallSaver Plus

Are there connection fees or minimum call charges?

On plans that are billed per minute, there are no minimum call charges but the following connection fees apply:

  • 13.1p on chargeable calls to all UK landlines
  • 13.1p on calls to any UK mobile
  • No connection fees apply on any calls that are free