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How often am I billed?

Onetel bills its customers monthly.

How does a billing cycle work?

At the end of each billing cycle, any calls made during the cycle and any payments made are confirmed, processed and then turned into a bill. Once this is done, the unbilled calls balance returns to zero. Any calls or payments made during the processing period, are carried over onto the next bill.

Can I choose which billing cycle I want to be on?

This is not possible, as customers are randomnly designated a billing cycle when they first register. This cannot be changed unfortunately.

What does 'part month' mean on my bill?

Part month means that the monthly fee will be adjusted to reflect only the fraction of the month that the customer has used, until the end of their billing cycle.

Do you charge for bill reprints?

Yes. There is a £5.00 charge per bill reprint.

How do I request a bill reprint?

This can be requested by contacting Customer Services on 0845 818 8000. Alternatively, you can log into 'My Account' and view or download your bills online for absolutely no charge at all.

How long will it take for the bill reprint to arrive by post?

Your bill reprint will arrive within seven working days. It will be sent in the original format, i.e. if the bill was originally sent as only partially itemised, then the reprint will be exactly the same. This cannot be changed, as it is a legal document.

What is an exceeded credit limit?

This is when a customer exceeds the credit limit set on their account, within a billing cycle. Due to this, the customer is unable to make calls and is automatically diverted to the call centre. At this stage the customer can choose to either make a payment OR wait until the start of their next billing cycle, in order to continue using the service.

What is my credit limit set at?

Credit limits are set as follows:

  • Residential Customers - £160.00 per cycle
  • Business Customers - £250.00 per cycle

Can my credit limit be increased?

Yes, however this can only be done once you have paid 3 bills with Onetel. For business customers, you will need to send us proof that your average spend with your previous provider was more than £250.00 a month.

Need to tell us about an account holder who has passed away?

We understand that handling the affairs of a friend or relation who has passed away is a difficult undertaking so we try to make the process as easy as possible. Please contact Customer Services on 0845 818 8000 who will be able to assist you in changing the owner or closing the account. Please have the account details and name of the account holder to hand when you call.